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What Is NFT Edge?

NFT Edge is a unique and exciting digital trading app built specifically for the NFT market. It combined traditional trading techniques with the latest software and technology to create a highly efficient and forward-thinking app

Our platform is a place where traders of all abilities and experience levels can come together to trade NFTs and learn more about the industry. Through one-on-one conversations with the experts and a seamlessly built app, anyone can become a better NFT trader.

Getting Started with NFT Edge

Taking the first step can feel daunting, which is why NFT Edge likes to keep it simple. Getting started with us is fast, easy, and hassle-free. Here are the four steps to setting up and launching your account with NFT Edge.

First things first: you need to let us know that you are interested! Registering your details on our website login page is step one. All we need from you is a name and contact number so that we can continue to the next step.

There is no payment, contract, or even commitment at this stage- you are just registering your interest in learning more.

Now comes the exciting part. Once we receive your registration, one of our hand-picked account managers and advisors is going to get in touch with you. You should expect a call on the number you provided shortly after submitting the registration form.

The purpose of this phone call is to answer any further questions you have and explain more about how exactly the software works. Your dedicated account manager is there to act in an advisory role, guiding you when necessary. Take this opportunity to use their knowledge and expertise to give yourself the best possible start.

When all the questions are asked and answered, your account advisor can confirm your account and release the software to you. Again, there is no charge for any of this.

You are almost ready to go live, but there are a couple of important details missing. Mainly, you need to set up a digital wallet (if you don’t already have one) and connect it to your NFT Edge account.

It is simple to do, but your advisor can explain in more detail if needs be. Basically, you need to securely link the accounts so you have a place to store any NFTs or currency that is easy to access when you need it. Without it, you are going to have a much more difficult time keeping up with the pace of the NFT trading market.

Connecting a digital wallet doesn’t take long. If you already have one, you just need to input the address and confirm it on the other side. It is completely secure and at no point are you asked to share sensitive information. Those who don’t have one yet need to set one up.

Everything is set, and you are ready to go! All that remains is to take a look around and get used to how the platform looks and feels. Don't rush in take your time! The more you study beforehand, the better chance you have of succeeding.

Trading is not a get-rich overnight type of thing. Apps that advertise those types of results are not trustworthy. NFT Edge encourages people to learn, grow, and develop- but it can take time. Be patient, get to know the bigger picture, and then start making good decisions.

Benefits of Using NFT Edge

Before you freak out, our registration form does not require you to enter a slew of information across a million fields. We know you are not interested in filling out any unnecessarily long forms, and we are just as uninterested in processing unnecessary data.

  • Access to industry experts who can guide and advise throughout your journey
  • No fees at any time- the software is completely free to use
  • A huge range of NFT trade opportunities and connections from around the world
  • Smart software and algorithms that help you see the bigger picture more clearly then focus on the best trades for you
  • Mobile app lets you trade on the go, so you never miss a beat
  • Huge community of likeminded people coming together to grow an industry
  • Simple set up and user-friendly interface
  • Complete control over your account, funds, and trades at all times

All You Need to Know about NFTs

NFT stands for non-fungible token. That means that every token is unique and cannot be exchanged like for like. The idea behind NFTs is that artists can share their work in a way that avoids plagiarism by minting it on a blockchain. By doing so, the piece gains a unique address that proves ownership.

Almost anything can become an NFT. Photographs, scanned drawings, digital art, music clips, and even tweets are circulating now for purchase. Creativity and imagination are the only limits. New developments include interactive virtual reality and gaming tokens- an exciting space worth keeping an eye on.

The first experiments into NFT were back in 2014, but it wasn't until 2017 that the first modern collection came to be. At that time, it was all very niche, but that all changed during the recent pandemic.

2020 was the year that NFTs became big, with 2021 amplifying their popularity. Now, they are officially in the mainstream and not going away.

FAQs - NFT Edge

Do I need a digital wallet to use NFT Edge?

Yes, you do. Without a digital wallet, you have nowhere to export NFTs and any crypto funds you use to support your trading. Although you can hold them temporarily on the NFT Edge app, it is essential to have a secure location.

If you don't already have one, you can set up an online e-wallet through most leading coin exchange platforms. There are other places as well, but be sure to check their security standards and find out if they are compatible. Every provider is slightly different, but you need one that supports NFTs and allows you to connect directly with an app.

Security is essential and not worth cutting corners. Cybercriminals get smarter all the time, so you don't want to be left exposed. Setting up a digital wallet is fast and easy- everyone with any holdings in crypto must have one.

Are NFTs good investments?

In less than two years, NFTs have grown from an unknown, unloved niche market with a minimal following to a 40 billion dollar industry. Anything with that type of growth has to be considered at least an exciting investment.

Like anything, NFTs are not without risk. There are always those who may say that the craze will pass and the interest fizzle. As it stands, that does not seem to be the case. Digital NFT artwork now replicates fine art investing, with many believing it could be the next wave in an industry that has stood for centuries.

The expansion of the metaverse and interactive gaming NFTs is boosting interest in other parts of the world, including India and Japan. China has always been a driving force in crypto, but the USA is the world’s number one fan of NFTs.

Celebrities, business moguls, and mega brands are all getting on board with NFTs- even some governments and finding uses for them! One thing is for sure, this market is ripe with possibility, and the right investment holds exciting possibilities.

Remember, no investment is risk-free, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. NFTs are good investments as long as you do your research and act intelligently.

How do I get better at NFT trading?

There is no fancy trick for becoming a great trader: it takes patience, work, and experience. The best way to improve your trading is to study the markets, take advice from those who know more than you and build up gradual experience along the way.

Spend time watching market movements and reading up on techniques. Studying makes a difference, and so does getting your hands dirty. NFT Edge is a great place to get better at trading because it provides an ideal learning environment. Streamlined displays, intuitive controls, and expert on hand to guide and assist: what better place to build up your knowledge?

What is the difference between NFT Edge and NFT marketplaces?

NFT Edge is a digital trading app, whereas an NFT marketplace is like a showroom. Both have the capacity for people to buy and sell tokens but in different ways.

A marketplace is where digital artists create and mint their collections, often sending brand new tokens to the auction. People can bid on new art and even create their own. Interested parties can view collections and browse all the tokens available for purchase. They can also list NFTs they already purchased on a secondary marketplace for re-selling.

Digital trading apps are about investing in stocks and assets. Although you are still technically buying and selling NFTs, it is not in the traditional sense. NFT Edge is not a place for people to sell their own work, nor is it a digital art gallery. It is a fully functioning trade platform that allows people to invest in NFTs, trade their assets, and strive to make profits.

In a nutshell, marketplaces are more aimed at collectors, while trading is for investors.

What determines an NFT’s value?

Just like physical art, the value of an NFT ranges massively. Most sell for less than $200, but others have gone to sell for eye-watering, headline-making price tags in the seven and even eight-figure ballpark. There is no specific formula for what makes an NFT valuable, nor is there a way to predict exactly how much it may sell for, but there are some indicators that can be useful.

  • Blue-chip NFT collections usually sell for high prices. These are established collections with a long track record and usually a well-known brand attached. The best example of this is CryptoPunks: the original NFT collection and still the most successful. Many CrytoPunks are owned by celebrities or bought by multiple investors pooling their funds. They account for seven out of ten of the most valuable NFTs ever sold.
  • Rare tokens: How rare a thing is always affects the price tag, no matter what industry we are talking about. The same applies to NFTs. A solo-minted one-of-a-kind digital baseball card, for example, is likely to make a lot of money.
  • Celebrity connections: NFTs and celebrities go hand in hand. They love them. Many sports stars, actors, pop culture icons, and musicians have dropped their own collections- many of which have done very well. People pay for celebrity, whether it is one who created the collection or previously owned a specific token.
  • The artist: In the NFT world, digital artists are arguably bigger and better than celebs. If an artist or studio has clout with just their name, anything they release is likely to succeed. Take Beeple: the creator of the highest-selling NFT of all time. Every piece they ever release breaks records and blows people away.


Why wait? NFT Edge is bursting with opportunities for NFT traders everywhere. Sign up today and take the first steps on your digital trading journey. Crypto is the future, and NFTs are the cool creative cousin that steals all the attention- gets on board now while the market is hot!
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